I suspect MALFEANCE!

Thank you for visiting the "Center for the Adoptation of 'malfeance' into Conanical English". We've had enough of those damn liberals making fun of the President's idioms--after all, George W. Bush not only attended Phillips Andover Academy (where he was appointed " High Commissioner of Stickball "!) but he has a degree from Yale (one of the most prestidigitus undergraduate institutions) as well as an MBA from Harvard, plus he was the CEO of munificen corporations! If George W. Bush opines that the word we used to mistakenly spell as "malfeasance" is actually "malfeance", then I say MALFEANCE IT IS!

For two good speeches using the word "malfeance", you only needed to search the whitehouse.gov website while Dumbya was still president. Obama has completely replaced the whitehouse.gov site, so I'll see if I can find the speeches in my archives.

In the months leading up to the stolen election in 2000, typing "dumb motherfucker" into google.com took you to the Bush campaign online store. I kid you not. As of March 2001, typing "dumb motherfucker" into the google search engine doesn't bring up the Dubya online store the way it used to. They "fixed" google manually. Here's a screenshot that someone (not me, unfortunately) saved while google was doing the right thing (around the end of January, 2001).

I've decided to devote a page to "the 88" and his appalling ignorance. It's for my own amusement, but you're welcome to check it out.

I've got lots of stuff here that's not related to the idiot in chief. If you are interested in my excerpts from Rosser, you want: A few pages about logic .

If you are interested in a little probability discussion, you want: The Birthday Problem .

If you are wondering "what the hell are truth tables, and why should I care?", you want: Truth Tables

If you want to see two answers to the "edge.org" question (what is your dangerous idea?), you want: The Edge Question for 2006.

If you want to check out a few tunes that are in heavy rotation on theFrederick's mp3 player, you want: A few good tunes.

A hilarious recounting of Dr. Nick Riviera's obstinance (or should I say obstreperousness, perhaps pervicaciousness?) in the face of contradictory evidence: Roger and Alan.

April 2001, Harper's Magazine has a transcript of the cockpit recorder ("black box") from the Alaska Air crash. "Whatever We Did is No Good". If you don't feel for the passengers when the pilot is flying the jet upside-down, there's something wrong with you.

Alaska Air finally accepted liability for the crash (in 2003) but they're going to go after the manufacturer. After all, the whole "jackscrew" assembly, while novel, is a BAD IDEA. It's always a bad idea to have one point of failure!

I've put a few of my favorite movies (along with a few stinkers that a certain friend recomended here: Fred's FLIX .

Fred really likes sneakemail.com and suggests that you use them whenever you contemplate an online transaction that requires you to divulge your email address. It's very entertaining to see who they've sold your address to (and it's very nice to be able to make sure that their money was spent IN VAIN because with SNEAKEMAIL you're IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Sneakemail is now charging a token amount of money, though I think you still can use them for free. I gave them a few bucks. They're doing a good thing!

http://sneakemail.com/ hide your real email address with sneakemail!

Source code is speech, or, if it's not, how about if I write a book to tell you how to write the source code? FUCK THE MPAA! Anyway, the link below is to the popular and controversial program DeCSS. This program ruthlessly strips _C_ascading _S_tyle _S_heets from HTML.

I am Spartacus! (grin)

DeCSS Now!

The excellent man who wrote the editor that I used to bring this page to you has suggested that we boycott microsoft . I agree. Though it is awfully convenient to use windoze. The last time I played with Linux I clobbered my hard drive. That's the kind of headache I don't need. So do as I say, not as I do! While you're visiting "arachnoid.com", be sure to learn the answer to "why is the night sky dark?" You might want to pick up a copy of arachnophilia too--friends don't let friends use FRONTPAGE.

Check out Mac, my brother Russell's dog (which NFL team do you think the Hanns cheer for?): lil mac, steeler fan.

And check out a full grown Mac, chillin' on the recliner in the sun: where's WALDO?

One of my kinda-lame attempts at a memorable snapshot: Sunset on Halloween 2009 in Destin, FL.

As a final goodbye, check out the comics my friend Betsy Longley drew twenty-some years ago. Not much has changed! :-)

who needs to train? I can run!

humility is taught at mile 3 of a 10K

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